The 28-Day Brand Launchpad has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Innovation in Business’ Award

Brand Satellite’s new group brand creation programme, the 28-Day Brand Launchpad, has just been shortlisted for the ‘Best Innovation in Business’ Award at the 2024 Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Over the last two years, Brand Satellite has been developing and testing the 28-Day Brand Launchpad – the only group brand creation programme of its kind in the UK.

This redefines the approach to brand creation for small businesses. Unlike traditional one-to-many programmes, this innovative initiative leverages the collective knowledge and experience within the group.

This programme is about harnessing the knowledge, skills and experience of the group’s participants to feedback, advise and encourage everyone else as they create their brand over the 28 days.

This not only enhances Brand Satellite’s existing Brand Creation Process, but empowers business owners to actively participate in shaping their own brand, with daily exercises, feedback on their progress from the other business owners in the group, group discussions, weekly 1-2-1 sessions, with a Brand DNA Blueprint at the end of it.

This is a real game changer for the way small business owners will create brands in the future!

Brand Satellite’s existing Brand Creation Package is designed for business owners who want Brand Satellite to create their brand for them. Their involvement is limited to answering the the Brand Creation Questionnaire and attending the Brand Creation Session. Everything else is done by Brand Satellite.

This programme is aimed at the growing number of business owners who want to be more involved during the brand creation process and learn the process, rather than pay someone to do the process for them. They will be doing much of the work themselves, but they will be getting more quality 1-2-1 time with Giles Etherington to discuss and shape progress. They will also benefit from the knowledge and experience of the other business owners on the programme.

Starting and growing a small business can be lonely at times. You can sometimes feel stuck in your own head. This programme is like having your own board of directors for 28 days, as you develop a compelling brand for your business.

The programme integrates many innovative elements:

  • The GC Index: Each participant receives a free GC Index profile – a unique people assessment tool measuring energy for impact. This helps to ensure the brand created matches the energies of the business owner. Or, to put another way, to ensure the business owner has the right energies to maintain the brand. Brand Satellite is currently the only brand consultancy in the world that uses The GC Index.
  • Editable PDFs: The programme uses editable PDFs as worksheets (and software to combine the worksheets into the final Brand DNA Blueprint). This means that the final document remains ‘live’ and editable and can evolve as the brand evolves.
  • Circle platform: The programme uses the all-in-one online community platform – Circle. Allowing all messages, tasks, videos, worksheets and feedback to be easily accessible for seamless communication and collaboration.

What makes this nomination even more exciting s that we will be sharing the stage with one of the businesses that has been through the 28-Day Brand Launchpad. Tom Chambers from Alive.Photos and his innovative Elderhood concept, has gone  from strenght to strength since ateending the programme.

I wish Tom and the other two shortlisted companies, The Aerial Man and Melville Golf Centre, the best of luck at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 7th March (but I really want to win!🤣). And good luck to all the other anmazing businesses that have been shortlisted for the other awards.

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