Services – Advertising

Services - Advertising

We have over thirty years’ experience creating effective, memorable advertising campaigns for small and national brands.

House of Hearing - Advertising

Nominated for ‘Best Integrated Campaign’, ‘Best Low Budget TV Ad’ and ‘Best Radio Ad’ at the Scottish Advertising Awards.

Effective advertising is all about:

  • getting noticed
  • clearly communicating what you want to say
  • stimulating an action (enquiry, visit), that
  • leads to your desired outcome (purchase/sign up)

This applies to all forms of advertising, be it online, in social media, in newspapers and magazines, on TV, radio, outdoor or via direct mail.

Creative thinking is the lifeblood of great advertising, but there is a lot to consider both before and after the ‘idea’.

Target Audience

Before we start scribbling ideas on layout pads, we will have defined your target audience; who they are, what forms of media are best to reach them and the desired response you want for them.

Creative Ideas

When it comes to the idea, it needs to be single-minded, creative, different from what your competitors are doing, focus on the benefits of your product or service and, ideally, connect emotionally with your customer (read Communicating the ‘Why’ to find out why this is important).

Branded Executions

Once we have the idea, we then think about the execution. This needs to be eye-catching, well branded, easy to navigate and written in a language that will keep your target audience engaged. Calls to action and where to go for more information should be clearly communicated.

Giles has over twenty-five years’ experience creating campaigns that not only help to establish an identifiable brand, but also create a response that leads to a sale or enquiry.

Giles produces results.

The range of services he provides is exceptional.

The quality of their work is astonishingly high.

In the three years we have worked together, all projects were completed to an extremely high standard, always on budget, always on time.

Their media analysis enables us to target marketing spend on the media that produce results, and saves us from wasting money on the wrong media.

Giles has developed award-winning campaigns for us that target the right people, with the right message, at the right time, producing tangible results.

Some of these results are:

  • Our Spring Clean campaign, for which Giles developed and executed a campaign based on direct mail and local newspapers, generated £91,000 in sales, 20% of which was generated from new customers.
  • New posters produced for our Galashiels store attract approximately 2 new customers per week, and have generated £22,500 of sales in the two months since they were installed.
  • Giles’ advertising for two new store locations in Hawick and Peebles led to our promotional events at these locations being four times oversubscribed.
  • Fruitful’s promotion for our Open House event in the Borders – the first year Giles has designed both the direct mail and the local news adverts – increased the response rate to this event by 200% from last year. Within the first two days of the event, sales orders of £19,500 have been placed.

Giles’ advertising  for our Borders market has helped us increase our unit sales by 8% year on year, in an extremely difficult market. “

From initial discussion to delivered project, we find that Giles delivers superior quality creative thinking, clever design solutions and high quality collateral on time and on budget.

Working with Giles has definitely allowed Spark Energy to improve and broaden the way that we communicate our messages.