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We have put these two services together, because we believe there is no point having a great looking website, if the content does do a great job of selling your product or service.

And equally, there is no point have compelling, persuasive content if the website looks unappealing or is difficult to navigate.

Good design attracts visitors to your website, great content keeps them there and gets them to do things.

Web Design

At Brand Satellite, we start by finding out what you need your website to do and what you want the visitors to your website to do.

Together, we identify what is required from the website and how visitors will interact with it. This will help us to determine what sort of website you need.

For most clients, a rebranded WordPress template is sufficient. This gives them an affordable and user-friendly solution, that they can maintain and update themselves.

Sometimes clients need something more bespoke. Either way, we work with a selection of technical partners, one of which will be ideal to build a website for your specific requirements.

Content Creation

Before we start building your website, we work with you on the content.

There is invariably a lot of content that needs to be created to populate the average website.

This is often not only time-consuming to create, but it needs to be ‘on brand’ and convincing, and sometimes technically correct.

This is where we differ from many website companies. They will build you a site, and then ask you for the content. This is where many website projects stumble or fall.

Only once we know what we are going to say, and show, on the website, do we start designing and building it.

With 50% of web browsing now done on a mobile device, our websites are designed and built to be responsive – so they look good whether being viewed on the smallest smartphone or the largest display.

If your company is planning on launching a new website, or doing a revamp to your existing website, give us a call an have a no-obligation conversation about what we can do for you.

Part of my remit as Youth Music Forum co-ordinator was to rebrand and reinvigorate the  forum, recruit new members and stimulate more youth musical activity across the Scottish Borders.

My colleague, Mary Morrisson at CABN, initially recommended that I speak to Giles Etherington at Brand Sattelite with regard to the rebranding of the forum and our subsequent website design.

Having settled on the new name for the forum, Sound Cycle, I visited Brand Satellite and had a very constructive and informative initial meeting with Giles.

He immediately grasped the concept of the organisation, what we hoped to achieve, as well as having some very constructive suggestions with regard to the website’s design and layout and  what specific features would be required by the organisation and appeal our new members.

He put together an initial  proposal, tailored it to our specific needs.

When it came to rebranding Giles offered several appealing options, but we chose Giles’ favourite, the reversed treble clef, which serendipitously resembles an ‘S’ and a ‘C’,our  organisation’s initials. This was a particularly inspired idea on Giles’ part, and testimony to his understanding of  the requirements of modern social media, brands and the need for a catchy, versatile and memorable logo for a youth led organisation such as ours.

Throughout the process of rebranding and establishing the design, layout and content of our new website, Giles has been helpful, patient, often inspired and very informative, particularly  during website training sessions.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Brand Satellite’s services to any future potential client.

My colleagues and I were delighted with the final website, and believe it will be a valuable and inspiring focal point for young musicians and music providers right across the Scottish Borders and beyond.”