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I devised and executed a new corporate identity for Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scotland’s environmental charity.

Keep Scotland Beautiful had traditionally suffered from a set of prominent sub-brands that ‘crowded out’ the parent brand. This led to mass inconsistency across the organisation and a lack of perception of the scale of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s activities.

Additionally, the parent logo expressed visually only one part of Keep Scotland Beautiful’s work (litter), which caused problems for the sub-brands that were unrelated to that activity.

I designed the new parent brand identity, a set of sub-brand identities and corporate brand guidelines.

The ‘Part of the Keep Scotland Beautiful charity’ was introduced to all sub-brand logos to help identify these projects as part of Keep Scotland Beautiful and also to make people aware that Keep Scotland Beautiful is a charity, which will be relying on donations for future sustainability.

I also designed a website template that would allow the organisation to consolidate its 27 existing websites into one.

I was also been involved in designing the look and feel of some of the charity’s recent campaigns, most notably the national launch of Clean Up Scotland – a mass-engagement campaign that aims to engage one million Scots to help free the country of litter and mess, so that Scotland shines.

My involvement included marketing literature, PR photo opportunities, and all creative for the campaign launch event at the Scottish Parliament.


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