Strategic and creative thinking might be getting done in the shower, rather than the office. And design work might be getting done dressed in just our underwear. But, we are trying to stick to ‘business as usual’ during these uncertain times. If there is anything we can help you with, on the most important investment in your business – your brand – please get in touch.

Zoom Your Brand
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Helping businesses become brands

Are you looking for help creating your brand, developing your brand or communicating your brand?

Brand Satellite is a brand consultancy and integrated advertising, graphic design and marketing agency. We help small businesses to think, look and act like big brands.

Through a range of complementary services we help businesses who have either never thought about their business as a brand before, or are not making the most of the brand they have.

Brand Creation - Brand Development - Brand Communication

Creating a brand will help you develop an emotional connection with your customers.

Creating a brand will help you raise awareness, increase sales and promote customer loyalty.

At Brand Satellite, we will help you create a unique, engaging personality for your business – your brand.

Zoom Your Brand

Brand Satellite launches ZOOM YOUR BRAND for businesses working from home during the coronavirus outbreak

Today, Brand Satellite has launched ZOOM YOUR BRAND a brand creation service using video conferencing.

Brand workshop gives Castlegate Nursery focus and confidence, which has been rewarded with Parliamentary praise and a top accolade.

My client Castlegate Nursery featured within the Parliamentary Review for Ealy Years Education, as an example of best practice. I’d like to think I had something to do with that.
Business Club

Giles Etherington becomes Academy Expert for the Business Club

Giles Etherington joins four other business experts as Academy Experts for the Business Club, which launches this month.

Brand Satellite creates scratch card concept to launch Ittria’s Profit Guarantee campaign

Brand Satellite has created an interactive scratch card to launch Ittria’s new Profit Guarantee marketing initiative.

Brand Satellite creates new branding and website for EyeSupply

Brand Satellite have just created the new branding and website for opthalmic supplies company EyeSupply.
Mind & Mission - Creating EDEN

Brand Satellite creates EDEN for Mind & Mission

Mind & Mission approached us after having just gone through a brand process with another company. They had their new logo and they had their new key messages. So what did they need us for?



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