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Jersey Royals - RebrandYour brand identity is one of your most important assets. It can be responsible for how somebody views your company. It can sometimes be the explanation as to what your company does.

A Brand Satellite Brand Workshop will help to identify some of the requirements for marketing the business to existing and prospective clients. It can also identify if your business would benefit from a new/updated brand identity. Your brand identity is the public face of your company; it must change along with the times.

A new brand identity will:

  • Give existing clients the perception that things are going well
  • Allow lapsed customers the opportunity to re-evaluate you
  • Create a more professional appearance to potential new customers

Creating a new brand identity includes:


The essential test of a logo design is how well it assists the understanding of that company and how relevant it is to your target audience, not how stylish it is. Having a well-designed, relevant logo should be the starting point to any brand.


Having consistent colour/s, helps consumers to recognise you. You can never ‘own’ a colour, or even two colours, but the right combination, used repetitively can help brand recall.


As with colours, consistent use of typefaces can help create recognition and familiarity. But unlike colours, you can effectively ‘own’ a typeface.  The only exception to a distinctive use of typefaces is on the web, where conventionally text and navigation are restricted to the ‘web friendly’ fonts, which consumers have become accustomed to.


Brand and message imagery should reflect the tone of voice and target audience you are trying to attract.

Tone of Voice

Once you have agreed on a tone of voice, you should stick with it. People pick certain people as friends because they like their personality, and a person’s personality rarely changes. If you want your consumers to consider you a ‘friend’, you need to have a personality they find comfortable and reliable.

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