Brand Satellite creates pastiche of classic game show for LACSS

Brand Satellite creates pastiche of classic games show for LACSS

The League Against Cruel Sports Scotland (LACSS) and Revive – The Coalition For The Reform of Scottish Grouse Moors, commissioned Brand Satellite to create an exhibition stand to attract MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.

They were looking for something interactive that would engage MSPs and highlight the key statistics in their campaign to end driven grouse shooting in Scotland.

Brand Satellite created an exhibition stand, inspired by the classic TV game show Play Your Cards Right. But instead of the cards randomly going up and down in value, the top row cards kept increasing – demonstrating the harm to the natural environment grouse shooting was causing. And the bottom row of cards kept decreasing in value – demonstrating the contribution of grouse shooting to the Scottish economy.

The final two cards in each row revealed the staggering statistics that around 400,000 wild animals are killed each year, while the contribution to the Scottish economy is just 0.02%.

Robbie Marsland, Director of Scotland and Northern Ireland for the League, commented:

“The League’s aim was to quickly and effectively communicate a serious and complicated situation in an engaging and memorable fashion. Brand Satellite not only came up with a brilliant concept but designed, produced and delivered it to our complete satisfaction.
The exhibtion went exceedingly well. Great MSP engagement and two unprompted and separate “that’s the best stand I’ve ever seen here” from Parliamentary staff.”

Hundreds of thousands of grouse are shot for entertainment in Scotland most years. The grouse is a wild native species that live in an upland habitat that has been radically changed from its natural state over the past 150 years.  Wholesale burning of the heather, the eradication of any other animal that threatens the grouse and the use of outdoor medication to protect the grouse from disease are all carried out to make sure there is a surplus of grouse – so they can be shot purely for entertainment.

When the League considered taking on the shooting of grouse for “sport” it became quickly apparent that this was something they couldn’t do on our own. They identified a circle of environmental, social justice and animal welfare destruction surrounding Scottish grouse moors.

Revive – The Coalition For The Reform of Scottish Grouse Moors was launched in November 2018, in Edinburgh with the support of keynote speaker Chris Packham. Along with the League, the members of the coalition are, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Raptor Protection UK, Common Weal, and Onekind.

Together they have published a number of ground-breaking reports and now hold an annual Revive public conference. The reports cover a wide variety of issues including alternative uses that grouse moors could be used for, the impact of reforesting the grouse moors and the wholesale destruction of mountain hares, foxes, stoats, weasels and crows that are said to threaten grouse. These animals are killed so that there can be more grouse to shoot. For full details and the opportunity to sign the campaign pledge that calls for radical reform of Scotland’s grouse moors visit

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