Scottish start-up powers first zero-carbon festival

Scottish clean power start-up powers first zero-carbon moments during Edinburgh International Festival

Brand Satellite client, PlusZero demonstrates the potential of portable green hydrogen-based power in the first step towards decarbonizing the events sector.

PlusZero a Scottish clean power start-up has successfully powered a series of high-profile performances at the Edinburgh International Festival with a pioneering new zero-carbon generator fueled by green hydrogen.

PlusZero, launched in 2020 by founder David Amos, creates portable, zero-carbon generators that are powered by green hydrogen created using renewable electricity generated on the Scottish islands, with the aim of replacing greenhouse gas-emitting diesel generators.

In a first for Scotland’s outdoor events sector, the PlusZero generator-powered performances by artists including the Scottish award-winning avant-pop artist and composer Anna Meredith at the Edinburgh International Festival at Edinburgh Park this week.

Founder and Managing Director of PlusZero, David Amos, said:

“The carbon saved during these high-profile demonstrations is a small first step on the journey to removing the 1.2million tonnes of carbon that is emitted every year by the diesel generators used to power the UK’s outdoor events sector – but we’ve started.

“We are excited to continue our journey to decarbonise the events sector with further demonstrations throughout Edinburgh’s events programme in 2021, ahead of the commercial launch of our clean-power solution next year.“

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