Brand Satellite creates the branding for #MyFerry campaign

Brand Satellite creates the branding for Shetland Islands Council’s #MyFerry campaign

Brand Satellite has created the branding, case study designs and social media images for the launch of Shetland Islands Council’s new social media campaign, supporting the case for increased investment in the isles’ internal ferry service.

Working with our strategic communications partners, Message Matters, Brand Satellite has brought the social media images and supporting materials to life with new branding for the #MyFerry hashtag.

The #MyFerry hashtag will be used over the coming weeks, with the support of folk from across the isles whose lives and livelihoods depend on the service. Case studies have been prepared, and will be shared with politicians and organisations in support of the campaign.

Steven Coutts is the SIC’s political leader commented:

“We are highlighting how crucial our ferries are to people in our island communities, to live their lives in the best way they can. Our internal ferry services are critical in the support they provide to our economy and we’re hopeful we can persuade the Scottish Government to increase its funding, which we believe is a lifeline for our people as well as an investment for Scotland as a whole. We’re hoping that the hashtag will be shared widely by our community in the weeks ahead so that people all over the country can see the lifeline these ferries offer us, and the economic opportunities they unlock for Scotland.”

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