Brand Satellite creates the branding for P4 Technology

Brand Satellite creates the branding for P4 Technology

Brand Satellite has created a new brand identity for technology start-up P4 Technology.

P4 Technology is leading the fight against Covid-19 by introducing a multi-layered, community-focused solution to virus protection.

During the lockdown, P4 Technology brought together some of the best minds in technology and science. People passionate about creating solutions to keep us safe in the ‘new normal’.

This collaborative approach has resulted in four layers of protection (hence the name P4) for workspaces and indoor venues, enabling the workforce to return to their workplace safely and with confidence.

P1: Infection identification – P4 PURVIEW is a thermal imaging camera that can be placed at an entrance, as the first line of defense. The camera will detect anyone with a high temperature and will alert to anyone not wearing a face covering. The camera can measure up to 30 people per second. It can also count the number of people entering the building, to help comply with occupancy and social distancing guidelines.

P2: Spread Control – P4 C-GATE is a personal sanitising cubicle, which removes the virus from clothing and possessions. It uses a completely safe dry mist that is 99.995% effective.

P3: Air Purification – P4 PURISAIR is an air-cleaning unit that uses electro-foil filtration technology to remove contagious viruses. It also removes bacteria and dust particles. The unit has an air quality monitoring system, giving you real-time air quality data.

P4: Surface Disinfection – P4 DEW is a portable fogging unit that naturally cleans air and surfaces. The mist is derived from water and air and free from alcohol. So it is harmless to humans and surfaces, but destroys micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

Each component has brought together the best of science and technology to provide natural solutions. These contain no harmful chemicals or alcohol so it’s completely safe for adults, children, and animals without damaging the environment.

P4 Technology is currently expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the United Kingdom, providing additional employment and training opportunities across local communities.

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