Testimonials – Tweed Art

“Working with Brand Satellite to re-brand our business has been a hugely enlightening experience. 

Through the Brand Workshop, Giles has helped us to explore all aspects of our business and we now have a clear brand identity and path for the future.

We have been impressed by Giles’ thorough research into our business, competitors and his knowledge of the local economy. He has a way of pinpointing the important elements and putting them across in a concise and easy to understand manner.

We are delighted with our new brand identity and Giles has been very supportive, guiding us through the logistics of re-branding and helping us to complete what might otherwise have been a somewhat daunting process.

Our figures for November were up 150% on the previous year and a whopping 160% up in December. 

We have had lots of positive feedback from customers about the new name, the layout of the shop and particularly with regard to the craft side of things the new layout has made it a better ‘shopping experience’.”