Brand Satellite creates the branding for The Scottish Alliance for People and Places

SAPP logoBrand Satellite created the branding and website for The Scottish Alliance for People and Places, for their launch at Holyrood on the 21st September.

The Scottish Alliance for People and Places brings together a wide range of organisations from across the planning and placemaking sector in Scotland to articulate a united and compelling vision for a more inclusive, respected, holistic and innovative system of planning.

SAPP websiteTheir vision is for a planning system that is inclusive, respected, ambitious and holistic. We believe in a system that inspires and empowers civic participation, recognises the positive force that quality economic development can play in creating a more equal society, and is built on fostering strong relationships through consensus and collaboration.

The Alliance is chaired by former First Minister and town planner Rt Hon Henry McLeish. Its members are:


  • PAS (Planning Aid for Scotland)
  • Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Scotland
  • Paths for All
  • COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities)
  • Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce
  • Royal Town Planning Institute Scotland
  • Scotland’s Towns Partnership
  • Scottish Mediation Network
  • Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland

SAPP launchBrand Satellite designed the branding for our strategic communications partners Message Matters, who organised the launch and run media relations for the Alliance.

We had just over three weeks to create the branding and build the website.

We worked with our web development partners Roslin Design, to create the website

SAPP banner

Brands Start Here _ Icon

Brands Start Here to launch at ExCel London

Brands Start HereBrand Satellite are launching a new service: BRANDS START HERE, which will be offering 1-2-1 brand advice to start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

BRANDS START HERE officially launches at the 37th Business Start Up Show at ExCel London on 17th/18th May.

We have created BRANDS START HERE because, we believe, no-one is offering 1-2-1 brand advice to start-ups.

If you type ‘brand advice for start-ups’ into Google, you get a few generic articles, but most results replace the word ‘brand’ with ‘branding’.

Your business’  brand and your branding are two very different things. Your brand is the nature and personality of your business, while your branding is the way it looks on the outside.

It stands to reason that unless you define and create your brand first, you cannot get your branding to work as it should.

For more information about the difference between your brand and your branding, read the BRAND v BRANDING article.

So while BRANDS START HERE are experienced and cost effective at Stage 2 of the process (BRANDING PACKAGE), unlike other agencies assisting start-ups, we will work with you to create your brand first, so what follows makes sense.

Our Stage 1: 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE is all about getting you to think about your business as a brand.

Put simply, your ‘brand’ is what your target market (your customers) think of when they hear your name or see your branding. It is everything they know about you – from what you have told them, what others have told them about you and from what they have witnessed themselves.

Your brand is created from the experiences your customers have with your business. These are a combination of both rational and emotional experiences. We are all human beings and however hard we try to be rational, we make decisions using the emotional part of our brain.

The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE is about taking control of the experiences you can influence. Determining what you stand for, what makes you different and, most importantly, understanding your target audience; what makes you relevant to them and how you tell them that story.

Thinking like a brand can differentiate your business from your competitors and drive customer loyalty. And customers who have bought into your brand will ultimately become advocates for your brand.

Giles joins Cultural Enterprise Office’s team of Industry Associates

Cultural Enterprise OfficeGiles Etherington has been added the Cultural Enterprise Office’s team of Industry Associates as their Brand Creation and Branding specialist.

The Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO) supports Scotland’s creative businesses.

They offer a range of services to help creative micro-businesses and individuals build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. CEO provides creative businesses with specialist information and advice, as well as training and networking opportunities.

They have a team of over 30 Industry Associates, with specialist knowledge representing the full spectrum of the creative industries, from architecture to games & app design, and a cross-section of business areas, from crowdfunding to gallery curation.

Taken from the CEO’s website:

Our Business Support team are experts in exploring your needs and will be your first port of call as you begin your journey with us.

We dig in from the word go with an informal discussion to understand your needs. This will ensure you receive the right support for you and your business. Help us, help you.

We’ll discuss your roadmap through our service, which could involve any of the following:

  • Space for you to reflect on current challenges
  • Tailored advice and direction to specific resources
  • An appointment with one of our In-house Advisers
  • An appointment with one of our Industry Associates
  • Referrals to CEO programmes
  • Direction to other helpful organisations

Brand Satellite create ‘Q’ branding concept for Charlotte Square Partners

Charlotte Square Partners - Brand IdentityBrand Satellite has created a new brand identity for Charlotte Square Partners.

Charlotte Square Partners marks the coming together of the expertise and experience of two of Edinburgh’s most renowned financial services firms; Newton-Barr Ltd and Castle Cairn Ltd. It provides financial advice to private individuals and small businesses.

The brief for the new identity was very specific. One of Newton-Barr’s partners, Brett Investment, is a client of Brand Satellite.

For Brett Investment, we created the ‘Bettr’ branding concept. We were now being asked to create a similar branding concept for Charlotte Square Partners.

The gauntlet had been thrown down. Obviously Brett and Charlotte Square Partners are two very different challenges. But, we were up for it.

Charlotte Square Partners - WebsiteWe presented the ‘Q’ concept.

A smaller ‘Q’ was inserted into the logo, to represent the ’Square’. Being situated in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square, with its reputation for the highest quality financial institutions, was considered extremely important. This concept helped to highlight that.

Charlotte Square Partners - WebsiteA smaller ‘Q’ was also inserted into IFA to create IQFA – Intelligent Financial Advice. This allowed Charlotte Square Partners to talk about a service all financial advisors provide, in a unique and instantly superior way.

Charlotte Square Partners - WebsiteAnd a ‘Q:’ was used on the website, to ask questions. This allows Charlotte Square Partners to ask the kind of questions a visitor to the site is likely to be asking about what they want and expect from a financial advisor. This gives the visitor the impression that Charlotte Square Partners empathises with them.

Along with the new brand identity, we designed and developed the new website and designed and printed a new range of stationery.

csqp-stationery“We like using Brand Satellite for a couple of main reasons.” explains Gerry Seydak, Managing Director of Charlotte Square Partners.

“1) They listen to us. And 2) They came up with good ideas which added a nice twist to our appearance without trivialising the work we do.  That’s an important balance to strike in the financial services sector.”

Brand Satellite creates new logo for William Lockie

William LockieBrand Satellite has created new branding for Hawick knitwear firm William Lockie.

William Lockie have been upholding the heritage of Hawick, by creating the finest handcrafted knitwear since 1874.

The Scottish border town of Hawick is renowned throughout the globe for its luxury cashmere and woollen clothing. The town has been creating the world’s finest knitwear for over two centuries.

The William Lockie mill, based in Hawick’s Drumlanrig Square, is the oldest continuously operating knitwear company in Scotland. They are one of the last knitwear firms still in operation in the town.

The traditional skills of our machinists and finishers have been past down from generation to generation. All of our workers come from the local area, where crafting quality knitwear is in the blood.

We were tasked with creating a new logo that reflected the company’s, and the town’s, heritage whilst making the brand relevant in today’s fashion market.

We used the flag wielding rider from the famous ‘Ken The Horse’ statue, that stands proudly on Hawick high street.


Brand Satellite creates logo design for new sports clothing brand Lismia.

Brand Satellite have created a logo design for Lismia, a new sports clothing brand.

Lismia logo designLismia is a sports clothing brand, based on a franchise model, supplying sports kits to grass roots clubs, universities and schools throughout the UK. All of their products are made in the UK.

Lismia is an acronym, standing for ‘Life Is Short, Make It Amazing’. It was important for that sentiment to come across in the branding.

The logo design is based on Lismia’s three core brand values: Success/Winning, Celebration/Amazement and Teamwork/Togetherness.

Lismia logo designThe ‘L’ shape represents the L of Lismia, but is also represents the arms of someone celebrating. The four ‘L’s create a plus sign, for positivity.

“This project became a personal mission for me.” explains Giles Etherington, creator of the logo design.

“As a West Ham fan, I had to endure a couple of seasons of our club kit sponsor being Pony. For an east London club to have Pony emblazoned of their shirts, when ‘Pony & Trap’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘crap’, was hard to take as a supporter, let alone a player.”

“I wanted to create a logo that players would be proud to wear.”

Lismia logo design

Brand Satellite icon

Communicating the ‘Why’

“People don’t buy what you do: they buy WHY you do it.” (Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action by Simon Sinek).

The Golden Circle (©2013 Simon Sinek Inc)Simon Sinek’s Start With Why theory is encapsulated by his Golden Circle (© 2013 Simon Sinek Inc.).

You know ‘what’ your business does. You know ‘how’ your business does it. Hopefully one of these is different to what anyone else does or how anyone else does it, giving you your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

But do you know ‘why’ you do it?

Why is the ‘why’ important? Because we are human beings. And what makes human beings unique is that we allow our emotions to dictate our decision-making.

There may be loads of rational reasons for picking one product or service over another, but it is the ones we create some sort of emotional connection with, that get our attention. That get our money.

Branding and marketing experts have been trying to persuade clients for decades that creating successful brands is about creating an emotional connection with your consumer.

Thankfully science is now backing up this theory. The latest catchphrase in the pursuit of getting ‘buy in’ from your target audience comes with a snazzy name; Neuromarketing.

Over the last decade, neuroscience research has shown that affection (emotions, feelings) plays a much more important role in decision-making than most people had thought.

Our brains process much of their sensory input subconsciously, generating affection toward or against objects. Signals that don’t generate positive or negative affection are filtered out (seen as unimportant) and never reach our conscious mind. So, avoid mediocrity.

As much as 95% of our decisions are made by the subconscious mind. As a result, the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies are applying the latest advances in neuroscience to create brands, products, package designs, marketing campaigns, store environments, and much more, that are designed to appeal to the emotional part of our brains.

And research backs up the science. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising analysed data from the 1,400 case studies of successful advertising campaigns submitted to their IPA Effectiveness Award competition over three decades.

IPA ChartThis particular analysis compared the profitability boost of campaigns which relied primarily on emotional appeal vs. those which used rational persuasion and information. The chart shows the results. Campaigns with purely emotional content performed almost twice as well as those with only rational content, and those that were purely emotional did a little better those that mixed emotional and rational content.

Smaller businesses, with smaller budgets will have to work much harder to create the same emotional approach as the market leaders. Their name recognition is likely to be much lower and consumers may not even associate their company with its product category.

But, by creating a brand and thinking creatively, they should be able to segment the market to find a group of consumers that will respond to a different appeal.

Creating a brand is about giving your company, product or service a personality, which will help you make that emotional connection with your customers. But, branding isn’t about thrusting a personality on your business, it is about extracting one from it. Its DNA. Its ‘Why’.

Once you have discovered the ‘Why’ for your business, you need to communicate it in a way that will attract attention, raise awareness and create familiarity. In turn, this will increase recognition, improve sales and promote customer loyalty.

If you would like help discovering and communicating the ‘Why’ in your business, contact us.