Brand Satellite create ‘Q’ branding concept for Charlotte Square Partners

Charlotte Square Partners - Brand IdentityBrand Satellite has created a new brand identity for Charlotte Square Partners.

Charlotte Square Partners marks the coming together of the expertise and experience of two of Edinburgh’s most renowned financial services firms; Newton-Barr Ltd and Castle Cairn Ltd. It provides financial advice to private individuals and small businesses.

The brief for the new identity was very specific. One of Newton-Barr’s partners, Brett Investment, is a client of Brand Satellite.

For Brett Investment, we created the ‘Bettr’ branding concept. We were now being asked to create a similar branding concept for Charlotte Square Partners.

The gauntlet had been thrown down. Obviously Brett and Charlotte Square Partners are two very different challenges. But, we were up for it.

Charlotte Square Partners - WebsiteWe presented the ‘Q’ concept.

A smaller ‘Q’ was inserted into the logo, to represent the ’Square’. Being situated in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square, with its reputation for the highest quality financial institutions, was considered extremely important. This concept helped to highlight that.

A smaller ‘Q’ was also inserted into IFA to create IQFA – Intelligent Financial Advice. This allowed Charlotte Square Partners to talk about a service all financial advisors provide, in a unique and instantly superior way.

Charlotte Square Partners - WebsiteAnd a ‘Q:’ was used on the website, to ask questions. This allows Charlotte Square Partners to ask the kind of questions a visitor to the site is likely to be asking about what they want and expect from a financial advisor. This gives the visitor the impression that Charlotte Square Partners empathises with them.

Along with the new brand identity, we designed and developed the new website and designed and printed a new range of stationery.

csqp-stationery“We like using Brand Satellite for a couple of main reasons.” explains Gerry Seydak, Managing Director of Charlotte Square Partners.

“1) They listen to us. And 2) They came up with good ideas which added a nice twist to our appearance without trivialising the work we do.  That’s an important balance to strike in the financial services sector.”

SoundCycle - Branding

Sound Cycle launches website

Sound Cycle brand identitySound Cycle website design and developmentSound Cycle website launch - Jun16Sound Cycle website launch - Jun16Sound Cycle launched their new website with their first Sound Cycle Showcase session, which took place at Mac Arts in Galashiels on Thursday 23rd June.

Six great acts performed throughout the evening after being led through a stagecraft and sound check session by Dave Coyle of Tweeddale Youth Action.

Sound Cycle is the new Youth Borders Youth Music Forum. Its aims to reinvigorate the youth music scene throughout the Borders and provide more opportunities for anyone with an interest in music, in any form.

Sound Cycle will be sharing resources, running workshops, organising training and lessons, organising sessions, sharing gear, recording tracks, showcasing artists and putting on gigs and concerts.

For young people serious about pursuing a career in music, Sound Cycle aim to collaborate with our partners and provide opportunities to visit music and music technology courses and other exciting events throughout Scotland.

If you have any amount of interest, be it in singing, playing, filming, teaching, recording, sound engineering, DJing, stage management, backline, sound mixing, sleeve design or anything else musical, please get involved and sign up.

Brand Satellite created the brand identity and website for Sound Cycle.

Rebrand helps personal coaching company get its mojo back

Remojo rebrand 1Brand Satellite has just completed the rebranding of BreakFree Coaching to Remojo.

The task was to make Jacqueline Brown, owner of Remojo, stand out and be distinctive in the often fluffy world that is best described as life coaching.

Jacqueline is a NLP Master and Time Remojo rebrand 2Line Therapy practitioner. She works with company executives who have been very successful, but for some reason have reached a plateau. Jacqueline quickly identifies the issues that are holding them back and helps them to refocus their thinking to be more positive and more productive. She helps them get their mojo back.

Giles took Jacqueline through a Brand Workshop. In return, Jacqueline took Giles through her process. This was a very important part of understanding how Jacqueline works and how her clients benefit from her help.

Remojo rebrand 3The Brand Workshop helped to define Jacqueline’s target audiences and identify new ones. It helped to identify the key drivers and stages of emotional decision making that clients go through. It also helped us to create a suite of packages, so potential clients could understand what they were getting themselves into and what they were expected to pay. Beforehand, these had been two huge obstacles to purchase.

The decision to rename the business came from clearer understanding of who we were talking to and what we wanted to say to them.

Remojo rebrand 4We condensed Jacqueline’s unique approach to coaching down to and easy to understand three stage process: Remind. Refocus. Remojo.

We then created a new brand identity and new website. The branding is consistent across all offline and online communications, including business cards and Jacqueline’s LinkedIn profile.

We also took some new photos for the website and are in the process of filming an introductory video.Remojo Business Card