Services – Virtual Marketing Manager

BVAC - Integrated Marketing CampaignWe understand that many companies don’t have the personnel with the right skills and experience, in house, to market their business without help.

We also appreciate that most business owners and managers are too busy trying to run their business, to give marketing their business the attention it deserves.

Whether creating a new brand from scratch, or developing an existing brand, Brand Satellite will work with you on all aspects of brand management.

Such assistance could be through our Brand Consultancy service: providing strategic input and assigning tasks to be completed by you and your employees or our Virtual Marketing Manager service: overseeing all of your marketing, advertising, design and social media requirements.

Virtual Marketing Manager

Our Virtual Marketing Manager service is designed to take the pressure of marketing your business off you.

We take over most, or all, marketing responsibilities and work with you to make sure that the satisfaction of your customers requirements is the focal point of all business activities.

Profitable sales and a satisfactory return on investment can only be achieved by identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer needs and desires.

Once a marketing budget has been discussed/agreed, we will produce a Marketing Plan that will include:

  • Hierarchy of objectives
  • An overview of key target audiences
  • Key messages
  • Marketing activity recommendations
  • Marketing activity implementation strategy
  • Timing plan
  • Responsibilities
  • Costs
  • Methods for evaluation and monitoring

“Giles has turned marketing from a time consuming necessity into a dynamic that enables us to develop and grow as a company.

The resource and services he provides saves us valuable management time on a weekly basis.

His effort in understanding our company and our market makes him an invaluable reference point in daily decision making within our company.”

Adrian ArmstrongGeneral Manager, House of Hearing