Services – Mentoring

Services - Mentoring

As well as working with clients through Brand Satellite and with start-ups through Brands Start Here, Giles is currently a mentor for Creative Edinburgh and Edinburgh’s Napier University.

Creative Edinburgh

Creative Edinburgh is the largest network of creatives in Edinburgh, and are committed to advancing the value and impact of creativity – both locally and internationally.

Creative Edinburgh is a community that increases your capacity to experiment, innovate and succeed. They enable intergenerational and intercultural dialogue and community building with peer support and advice aimed at igniting working relationships across sectors.

Creative Edinburgh’s mentoring scheme is designed to provide mentors for early and mid-career creatives with those who have the experience to help them overcome obstacles, be ambitious, and break through barriers – both actual and psychological – to progress their careers, businesses and dreams.

“I’m building a small company with a great innovative idea within the professional audio industry.

Through Cultural Enterprise, I was able to organise a session with Giles Etherington.

Giles took me on a journey, where we were able to thoroughly comprehend what my actual goals were and how I could successfully achieve them, in the best practical and hands-on way possible.

I was very relieved to experience that Giles is very patient, and listened to every detail I had to share without assuming too much.

He then worked on a report document, which summed up all the points we had discussed and some very useful additional advice.

I would encourage anyone to share their business ideas with external minds and I couldn’t recommend enough for Giles to be on the other side of the table.”

David ScortecciaFounder - Sonnect (Cultural Enterprise Office mentee)

“I loved working with Giles!

He was instrumental in helping me get Findr to the place where I could adequately sell it to our customers and clients.

Giles and I met when I was so immersed in my start-up, that I had almost lost the power of normal conversation.

When I needed to identify the real value we were offering to both sides of our marketplace, his work allowed me to articulate the benefits of my business to my target audiences, in plain language.

Something that turned it from a factual story into an emotional story and really brought our story to life.

He was a massive help! I would recommend Giles to anyone who is involved in creating a brand for their business and wants some great insight into their product or offering.”

Alex HewittFounder - Findr (Creative Edinburgh mentee)

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