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Brand Workshop Plus

Brand Workshop Plus – powered by The GC Index

In 2020, Brand Satellite became a GC Partner with The GC Index. This allows us to offer you this unique Brand Workshop Plus service.

The Brand Workshop Plus is the Brand Satellite Brand Workshop, enhanced by the GC Index Impactful Team Programme.

This is a powerful combination that will add focus and confidence to your business through the Brand Workshop and energy and impact to your team through the Impactfiul Team Programme.

The Impactful Team Workshop complements the Brand Workshop. Understanding where the energy within a business lies and what impact individuals can make will help make sure the brand we create for your business is as accurate, believable and maintainable as possible.

The GC Index Impactful Team Programme

A team will make the best impact on business priorities when every member of the team is playing to their strengths. 

The GC Index Impactful Team Programme will give your team a language and framework that unlocks the true potential of each individual. They will be armed with a level of knowledge and appreciation of each other’s impact that allows them to work together to deliver truly game-changing results.

This programme will transform your team’s awareness of how they can effectively collaborate and play to their strengths. As a result, they will lead the delivery of your business priorities with confidence and impact. And that will deliver benefits directly to your bottom line.

The Impactful Team Programme consists of three phases:

Phase 1 –  The GC Index Personal Profile

All members of the team take The GC Index. This is followed by powerful one-to-one review sessions, exploring their personal impact using The GC Index.

GC Index - Team Snapshot

Phase 2 –  Exploring Individual and Team Impact Workshop

This impactful workshop session starts by exploring how the individual members of the team personally prefer to make a contribution. 

Following this, we consider the collective impact of the leadership team as a whole and identify the implications for the delivery of the business priorities. 

Finally, we explore how best the team can build mutual respect and collaboration in order to provide the best possible outcomes for the business.

Phase 2 –  Personal Commitments and Team Action Plan Workshop

This action-oriented workshop session focusses on setting out personal and collective commitments that will support the team in collaborating effectively into the future.

We complete the programme by identifying tangible actions that will enhance the performance of the team and ensure they make the best possible impact on business priorities.

The power of The GC Index language and framework will allow your team to both identify the right actions more easily and assign responsibility to the individuals with the right energies to drive them to completion.

Brand Satellite Brand Workshop

A Brand Satellite Brand Workshop will take a strategic look at your business and ascertain where you are, where you want to go, and how you might consider doing things to get there.

It will look at several areas of your business, as detailed below, and will establish a compelling brand proposition.

The Brand Workshop consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Market/Competitive Research

We will research your existing competitors to get a better understanding of how you are placed within the market. This research will also provide us with valuable insight for the Brand Workshop.

Phase 2 – Brand Workshop

A whole day should be allocated for the Brand Workshop (alternatively, this can be conducted via video conferencing).

As well as the team, we encourage you to involve anyone that has valuable insight into the current processes (partners/suppliers).

The workshop will include:

• A brief SWOT analysis of where you are:
– Explore using your strengths to exploit opportunities
– Explore guarding your weaknesses against threats
• Define your unique brand and brand essence
• Define target audiences
• Explore the target audience hierarchy
• Explore the best ways of reaching your target audiences
• Discuss the right messages to persuade them
• Stimulate you to think differently about the possibilities of other routes to market
• Explore working practices that could make a difference

Phase 3 – Brand Workshop Report

The Brand Workshop Report is a written analysis of the findings of the Brand Workshop. Recommendations for the brand essence of the company (your brand’s true character) and proposals for how to position your business moving forward.

On realising that we wanted to work on our brand and branding (two different things I am told) I reached out for help to a wide audience.

Giles very quickly was able to give us the confidence that he would be able to help us understand and clarify our message to the wider world.

Having been to see us in December ’19 to conduct an extremely instructive and enjoyable brand workshop, Giles has helped to tease out the key elements of our business, helping us define our future strategy.

Giles is a pleasure to work with, being clear in his goals, hitting deadlines and delivering interesting and illuminating results. I would recommend Brand Satellite to anyone who is wanting to develop their brand.

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