Services – Brand Advice for Start-Ups

Services - Brand Advice for Start-Ups

We believe that every business has the potential to become a brand.

If you don’t have a brand, you can be sure some of your competitors do, and they will be taking customers from you.

Becoming a brand will help you find it easier to raise awareness, increase sales and promote customer loyalty.

We also understand that starting a business is often done on a limited budget.

BRANDS START HERE is a new service offering 1-2-1 brand advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We have created BRANDS START HERE because, we believe, no-one is offering 1-2-1 brand advice to startups.

Stage 1: 1-2-1 Brand Creation Package

The Stage 1: 1-2-1 Brand Creation Package will help you to start thinking about your business differently – as a brand. It has been specially designed to help startups and entrepreneurs with much-needed advice on creating a brand for their business.

Stage 2: Branding Package

The Stage 2: Branding Package gets you a bespoke logo, designed by an award-winning logo designer. It has been designed to give start-ups and entrepreneurs the tools to create a consistent visual image, that will help customers recognise their brand.

“Working with Giles has been a fantastic experience.

I opted to use his Brand Creation and Branding services and I’m very glad I experienced both.

During the Brand Creation stage, he spent a lot of time getting to know me, my story and my business.

This understanding allowed me to reflect on why I’m in business and what differentiates me from my competitors.

It also allowed Giles to produce a selection of branding options and guidelines which fitted me and the business I wanted to create.

Having this professional and creative advice of Giles has been a huge help, which I would highly recommend.

“There are loads of companies out there helping businesses create their branding, but one of the appealing factors of Giles Etherington was that when you are starting from scratch as I was, he really wants to get you to think about yourself as a brand first.

I’d spent years building ideas for my business, but there was still that moment of actually seeing it laid out in a formalised structure, incorporating years of hard work, research, training and, at a personal level, building the strength to finally go for it and make it become a reality.

The simplicity of this foundation that Giles provided, meant that it all started to slot into place.

One thing I admire is his honesty, if he feels you are going way off track from the core values of your business, he asks the right, sometimes poignant questions.

He really gets you to think for yourselves about why you are doing this business, what’s in it for your potential clients, what’s really different about it.

Giles seems particularly advanced in understanding your audience, seeing it from their eyes, which can become blinkered when you are so busy designing your business just from your own perspective.

The branding that Giles came back with was pretty much spot on. I have watch companies going back and forth, chewing over subjective, creative prowess, when it comes to branding, but Giles managed to cut all that out and came up trumps with his first proposal.

I am truly grateful for the help that Giles has given me in getting this far, making my dream business begin to become a reality.

Visit the Brands Start Here website to start creating your brand

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