Services – One Man Brand Package

20% Off One Man Brand PackageWe believe that every business has the potential to become a brand.

Becoming a brand will help you find it easier to raise awareness, increase sales and promote customer loyalty.

We understand that small businesses are often set up, or run, on a limited budget.

So, to help small business owners and start-ups, we have created the ‘One Man Brand’ Package.

The ‘One Man (or Woman) Brand’ Package is a fixed fee package, that provides the perfect ‘starter kit’ to brand your business.

Fixed fee. Not set price.

‘So, how much is this going to cost me?’ we hear you ask.

As every small business has different requirements, we think it is unrealistic to offer a set price solution.

We will discuss your unique, business needs at a free, initial, two-hour consultation. Once your requirements have been identified, we will present you with a tailored ‘One Man Brand’ Package proposal, along with recommended fixed fee to design and develop your brand.

As an attendee to the Small Is Beautiful Conference, you are also entitled to 20% OFF that fee.

Arrange your free consultation, to understand how turning your business into a brand can give you the best chance at success.