Remojo rebranding

Rebrand helps personal coaching company get its mojo back

Remojo rebrand 1Brand Satellite has just completed the rebranding of BreakFree Coaching to Remojo.

The task was to make Jacqueline Brown, owner of Remojo, stand out and be distinctive in the often fluffy world that is best described as life coaching.

Jacqueline is a NLP Master and Time Remojo rebrand 2Line Therapy practitioner. She works with company executives who have been very successful, but for some reason have reached a plateau. Jacqueline quickly identifies the issues that are holding them back and helps them to refocus their thinking to be more positive and more productive. She helps them get their mojo back.

Giles took Jacqueline through a Brand Workshop. In return, Jacqueline took Giles through her process. This was a very important part of understanding how Jacqueline works and how her clients benefit from her help.

Remojo rebrand 3The Brand Workshop helped to define Jacqueline’s target audiences and identify new ones. It helped to identify the key drivers and stages of emotional decision making that clients go through. It also helped us to create a suite of packages, so potential clients could understand what they were getting themselves into and what they were expected to pay. Beforehand, these had been two huge obstacles to purchase.

The decision to rename the business came from clearer understanding of who we were talking to and what we wanted to say to them.

Remojo rebrand 4We condensed Jacqueline’s unique approach to coaching down to and easy to understand three stage process: Remind. Refocus. Remojo.

We then created a new brand identity and new website. The branding is consistent across all offline and online communications, including business cards and Jacqueline’s LinkedIn profile.

We also took some new photos for the website and are in the process of filming an introductory video.Remojo Business Card