Memberships & Associations

Brand Satellite is a member of the following associations:

Client Experience - Business Club

Giles Etherington is the Academy Expert for Brand & Branding for the Business Club.

GCologist Accredited

Brand Satellite is a GC Partner with The GC Index and Giles Etherington is an Accredited GCologist.

Creative Edinburgh

Giles Etherington is a member of and mentor for Creative Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Napier University - Mentoring

Giles Etherington is a mentor for Edinburgh Napier University.

Creative Arts Business Network

Giles Etherington is the Business-to-Business Advocate for the Creative Arts Business Network.

Brand Satellite is a member of the Midlothian & East Lothian Chamber of Commerce.

Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce

Brand Satellite is a member of the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce.