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Fort Kinnaird advertising campaign

One of the most important components to having a successful business is to successfully market your business.

“If you build it, they will come.” Only if they know it is out there.

You might make the best product ever, or provide a groundbreaking service, but without telling people how are your potential customers going to know about it?

The same applies to your newly defined brand, or your shiny new website.

One of the most important components to having a successful business is to successfully market your business.

The benefits of an effective integrated marketing strategy include:

  • A stronger and more consistent image
  • Greater awareness of your business and your products/services, with your target audience
  • Attracting new customers
  • Increasing sales
  • Generating greater loyalty among stakeholders
  • Greater employee satisfaction including an increased sense of pride and loyalty

The key to successful marketing is knowing to whom you are talking, how to reach them and giving them the right messages to persuade and inspire them.

Coatbridge College - Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

Won Gold for ‘Integrated Marketing Campaign’ at the Scotland’s Colleges Marketing Awards

Key messages are designed to provide consistency throughout all marketing materials and communications. It is not about telling the consumer what you want to say, it is about telling them what they want to hear. The development of unique brand messages is vital to helping you stand out from your competitors.

But there is one extremely important ingredient for a successful marketing campaign, that often gets left out: Creativity.

According to Yankelovich Research the number of marketing messages we see everyday ranges from 3,000 to 20,000. This includes every time you pass by a label in a supermarket, all the ads you see on the telly, you receive through your letterbox, in your inbox, on your Facebook feed, the tweets you read, the labels on everything you wear, etc. etc.

So, how do you make sure your message is one of the ones that gets noticed? Creativity is critical to grabbing someone’s attention, effectively communicating your key messages and differentiating your brand.

“Giles has helped us to think strategically about our marketing. He forces us to seriously evaluate who we are as company and how we communicate that to customers.

He works with us to establish a marketing plan for the year. He costs out this plan, enabling us to properly budget for marketing spend.

Giles has enabled us to effectively use marketing spend to raise awareness of our brand, attract new customers, and increase sales. He has turned marketing from a time consuming necessity into a dynamic that enables us to develop and grow as a company.”

Working with Giles has been a trouble- free experience which has produced some wonderfully creative and solid work, delivered in a professional and efficient manner.

Giles has been an enormous help to Kelso Racecourse in the development of our marketing and particularly the switch to online booking through the website.

He concentrated our minds and created systems whereby we can gather email addresses and have started to prepare a detailed analysis of the response from various advertisements and publicity.

Giles is good to work with, responds quickly and has a good balance between the technical and practical sides of our business.

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