Lismia - Branding

Brand Satellite creates logo design for new sports clothing brand Lismia.

Brand Satellite have created a logo design for Lismia, a new sports clothing brand.

Lismia logo designLismia is a sports clothing brand, based on a franchise model, supplying sports kits to grassroots clubs, universities and schools throughout the UK. All of their products are made in the UK.

Lismia is an acronym, standing for ‘Life Is Short, Make It Amazing’. It was important for that sentiment to come across in the branding.

The logo design is based on Lismia’s three core brand values: Success/Winning, Celebration/Amazement and Teamwork/Togetherness.

Lismia logo designThe ‘L’ shape represents the L of Lismia, but is also represents the arms of someone celebrating. The four ‘L’s create a plus sign, for positivity.

“This project became a personal mission for me.” explains Giles Etherington, creator of the logo design.

“As a West Ham fan, I had to endure a couple of seasons of our club kit sponsor being Pony. For an east London club to have Pony emblazoned of their shirts, when ‘Pony & Trap’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘crap’, was hard to take as a supporter, let alone a player.”

“I wanted to create a logo that players would be proud to wear.”

Lismia logo design