Testimonials – House of Hearing

“Giles has helped us to think strategically about our marketing. He forces us to seriously evaluate who we are as company and how we communicate that to customers. He works with us to establish a marketing plan for the year. He costs out this plan, enabling us to properly budget for marketing spend. Giles has enabled us to effectively use marketing spend to raise awareness of our brand, attract new customers, and increase sales.

Giles has turned marketing from a time consuming necessity into a dynamic that enables us to develop and grow as a company. The resource and services he provides saves us valuable management time on a weekly basis. His efforts in understanding our company and our market makes him an invaluable reference point in daily decision making within our company. Giles has made significant contributions this year as our company sought to gain greater penetration in existing markets and develop new geographic markets.

The quality of Giles’ work is astonishingly high. In the three years we have worked together, all projects have been completed to an extremely high standard, always on budget, always on time. Giles has developed award-winning campaigns for us that target the right people, with the right message, at the right time, producing tangible results.”