FDATA branding

FDATA launches today


Brand Satellite creates branding for the Financial Data and Technology Association.

The Financial Data and Technology Association (FDATA) is a trade association for financial technology (“fintech”) companies which give customers more control of their financial data.

FDATA’s founding members – Money Dashboard, Moneyhub, QuickBooks, Runpath Digital, Safety Net Credit and Yodlee – provide innovative financial applications and services to empower consumers to make better decisions and take fuller control of their financial lives across all their accounts, credit cards, loans and investments.

“We have very simple twin aims: to bring the benefits of financial technology to the UK consumer, and to put in place a strict code of industry practice to ensure complete data security,” director of the FDATA, Andy Maciver, said. “Our industry must be underpinned by a reputation for data security, so we have as much incentive as the banks and financial institutions to put a bullet-proof system in place.”