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Message Matters IndyRef SessionBrand Satellite’s strategic communications partner, Message Matters, have entered the independence referendum debate with an informed, impartial point of view.

Message Matters’ directors, Peter Duncan and Andy Maciver, have decades of experience in politics and the media, and are intimately involved in the independence referendum debate.

They are offering companies and organisations an ‘IndyRef Session’, an up-to-the-minute presentation, full of analysis and inside knowledge, from a completely neutral and dispassionate standpoint.

With strong links into the Yes, No and ‘in the middle’ camps, there is no one better than Peter and Andy can cut through the bluff and bluster and tell your Board and your staff what’s really happening.

They have also just launched the first in their series of InsideIndyref podcasts, featuring SNP’s Kevin Pringle.

Brand Satellite added the designs and the pretty pictures!