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Services - Email marketingEmail marketing continues to be one of the most effective and cost- effective forms of marketing.

But, that means the average inbox tends to get bombarded by everyone, including your competitors.

So, you need to stand out. And, you need to be relevant.

It is important to make sure what you send out, is what your customers wants to receive. The ‘Unsubscribe’ link is agonisingly close to the ‘Read More’ button.

For our clients, we create and deliver email marketing campaigns that integrate with and enhance existing communications.

Utilising analytic software, we are able to provide a specific breakdown of how many people have opened, clicked through, forwarded or unsubscribed.

Monitoring this data over time, we can tailor the content of future campaigns to customers specific interests, making email marketing a highly targeted and a great return on investment.

Talk to us about creating an email marketing campaign for you.