Case Study – Manufacturer

Commercial Electric Heat brochureCommercial Electric Heat

Commercial Electric Heat is a division of British engineering firm Turnbull & Scott. They sell commercial space heaters to heating contractors and shop fitters through a UK wide network of wholesalers.

Their strategy of commissioning regional sales reps to encourage the wholesalers to promote their brand wasn’t working, so they sacked them all.

With a budget of approximately 25% that of the cost of the sales reps, Giles was tasked with making sure that there wasn’t a negative impact on sales from this cost-cutting exercise.

Field research revealed that the lack of a physical product catalogue was preventing wholesalers from feeling confident about promoting the heaters to their customers. So it was time to replace the photocopied technical sheets with an all-singing, all-dancing product catalogue.

Before that, however, we had to replace the 1970’s logo with a modern, relevant brand identity.

The new brochure involved new creative photography, new product photography and a revamp of existing technical drawings to ensure consistency.

The creative concept of ‘It’s getting hot in here!’ was discussed at great length. Being an almost 100% male target audience, it was decided to risk the potential ‘sexist’ backlash, for something that was going to get noticed. The backlash came in the form of just two phone calls. The phone did keep ringing however; with brochure requests. The initial print run had to doubled.

“The busy period doesn’t seem to be disappearing, which is a good thing.

Last month we beat the target on last year’s numbers and most months, since the brochure, have been over.”

Faye HowlandMarketing Executive - Turnbull & Scott