Scottish clean power start-up powers first zero-carbon moments during Edinburgh International Festival

Brand Satellite client, PlusZero demonstrates the potential of hydrogen based clean portable power in the first step towards decarbonizing the events sector.

PlusZero a Scottish clean power start-up has successfully powered a series of high-profile performances at the Edinburgh International Festival with a pioneering new zero-carbon generator fueled by green hydrogen.

PlusZero, launched in 2020 by founder David Amos, creates portable, zero-carbon generators that are powered by green hydrogen created using renewable electricity generated on the Scottish islands, with the aim of replacing greenhouse gas-emitting diesel generators.

In a first for Scotland’s outdoor events sector, the PlusZero generator powered performances by artists including the Scottish award-winning avant-pop artist and composer Anna Meredith at the Edinburgh International Festival at Edinburgh Park this week.

Founder and Managing Director of PlusZero, David Amos, said:

“The carbon saved during these high-profile demonstrations is a small first step on the journey to removing the 1.2million tonnes of carbon that is emitted every year by the diesel generators used to power the UK’s outdoor events sector – but we’ve started.

“We are excited to continue our journey to decarbonise the events sector with further demonstrations throughout Edinburgh’s events programme in 2021, ahead of the commercial launch of our clean-power solution next year.

Scotland Loves Local campaign

Santa comes to town in Melrose, to deliver ‘shop local’ message

Melrose businesses are playing a pivotal role in getting Scotland’s shoppers to #thinklocalfirst this Christmas – after Santa Claus came to town.

Town centre traders are promoting the need for people to support businesses in their community this festive season even more than any other as they battle to overcome problems faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They star in the latest social media drive for Scotland Loves Local, the high-profile campaign to fuel the nation’s economic recovery from its grassroots.

It comes after Santa toured shops throughout Melrose to highlight the great gifts and perfect produce that shoppers can bag for Christmas.

He bought mince pies in Alex Dalgetty & Sons Bakers, ordered a turkey in Martin Baird Butchers, sampled fruit and veg from WA Williamson greengrocers, saw the bikes on offer in Hardies Bikes, stocked up on decorations in the Spar and bagged a candle in Love Scottish.

Dressed patriotically, Saltire Santa also bought a trolley-load of festive essentials from the Co-op – and even took time out to get a haircut in Wilson’s Hair.

He was joined on his journey by local photographer Lloyd Smith, who was working with Melrose-based Brand Satellite, who created the branding and multi-media creative for the Scotland Loves Local campaign.

#ScotlandLovesLocal social media

#ScotlandLovesLocal social media

#ScotlandLovesLocal social media

#ScotlandLovesLocal social media

Images from Santa’s tour are being used across social media, in national newspaper advertising, as well as in print and online news.

Polling commissioned by Scotland Loves Local in the South Scotland Scottish Parliamentary electoral region has found that 53% of people agree it’s important they do as much Christmas shopping as they can from their local high street, either in-store or online, rather than going further afield.

Two-thirds (66%) of those questioned said they would go into stores on their local high street to do some Christmas shopping, while 64%  said they would do some Christmas shopping from stores on their local high street online, where able to do so.

Phil Prentice is chief officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, the organisation leading the Scotland Loves Local campaign with the support of the Scottish Government. He said:

“We’re delighted to have the great array of local businesses in Melrose featuring so prominently as we encourage Scotland to love a local Christmas. The best Christmas present we can give our local businesses is for people to shop as close to home as they can, supporting those around them, whether in person or online.”

For more information, go to

Shetland Ferries #MyFerry campaign

Brand Satellite creates the branding for Shetland Islands Council’s #MyFerry campaign

Brand Satellite has created the branding, case study designs and social media images for the launch of Shetland Islands Council’s new social media campaign, supporting the case for increased investment in the isles’ internal ferry service.

Working with our strategic communications partners, Message Matters, Brand Satellite has brought the social media images and supporting materials to life with new branding for the #MyFerry hashtag.

#MyFerry logo

The #MyFerry hashtag will be used over the coming weeks, with the support of folk from across the isles whose lives and livelihoods depend on the service. Case studies have been prepared, and will be shared with politicians and organisations in support of the campaign.

#MyFerry social media post

Steven Coutts is the SIC’s political leader commented:

“We are highlighting how crucial our ferries are to people in our island communities, to live their lives in the best way they can. Our internal ferry services are critical in the support they provide to our economy and we’re hopeful we can persuade the Scottish Government to increase its funding, which we believe is a lifeline for our people as well as an investment for Scotland as a whole. We’re hoping that the hashtag will be shared widely by our community in the weeks ahead so that people all over the country can see the lifeline these ferries offer us, and the economic opportunities they unlock for Scotland.”

#MyFerry case studies cover

Read more on #MyFerry here –

ELCAP use the International Day of People with Disabilities to launch their new brand and website

ELCAP approached Brand Satellite to create modern branding which reflects the spirit of their charity. And, today being the International Day of People with Disabilities is the perfect day to launch the rebrand.

ELCAP is a Scottish charity which provides care and support for individuals who are affected by learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health problems.

They are passionate about making a real difference to the individuals they support, by enabling them to live better, more independent lives within our community.

For ELCAP, involving the individual they support and their support practitioners in the brand creation and branding processes was paramount. This suited Brand Satellite’s Brand Workshop. There were twelve participants on the workshop day including members of the management team, executive board, support practitioners and service users.

We also created a unique branding workshop where support practitioners and the individual they support were invited along to share their ideas for what the logo should look like. It was from this session that the concept for the new logo was born.

ELCAP logo

ELCAP’s new logo is a combination of a heart and an infinity symbol. This reflects their passion for making a real difference to the individuals they support and their commitment to working with the individuals through thick and thin.

The new branding and a new website mean a radical change of look for ELCAP.

Paul White, Chief Executive of ELCAP, welcomed the changes.

“We’re delighted with our new branding and the way in which it captures the essence of ELCAP. The heart reminds us of the compassion which underpins our work, while the infinity sign show our commitment to keep on caring. The orange in our new colour scheme reflects the enthusiasm and vitality of our organisation, while the gold illustrates our dependability and our mission to become the recognised gold standard in social care. We hope everyone with an interest in ELCAP likes our new look.”

A new website was also created. Brand Satellite worked with our web development and hosting partners, Roslin Design, to create a new website.

ELCAP website

Reflecting on the new website, Paul added:

“First impressions count and we wanted our website to provide an attractive and informative welcome to ELCAP.  Our new website includes more content than ever before, while it will be much easier to navigate, with specific zones for the individuals we support, families and supporters.”

Looking back on the process which led to the new branding and website, Paul reflected:

“It was really important for us to involve the individuals we support, staff and Board members in the refresh of our brand and the development of our branding. They are the people who know us best. With the benefit of their input, Giles Etherington from Brand Satellite quickly got to the heart of our organisation, applying his branding expertise to provide us with an exciting new look. Brand Satellite and Roslin Design then produced a website which is beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. We really appreciate everyone’s efforts in getting us to this stage.”

December 3 is the International Day of People with Disabilities – an annual celebration of people with disabilities. The 2020 theme ‘Not all Disabilities are Visible’ also focuses on spreading awareness and understanding of disabilities that are not immediately apparent, such as mental illness, chronic pain or fatigue, sight or hearing impairments, diabetes, brain injuries, neurological disorders, learning differences and cognitive dysfunctions, among others.

According to the WHO World Report on Disability, 15% of the world’s population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with disability. Of this number, it’s estimated 450 million are living with a mental or neurological condition— and two-thirds of these people will not seek professional medical help, largely due to stigma, discrimination and neglect.

Best SME Branding Company Scotland Award

SME News names Brand Satellite ‘Best SME Branding Company – Scotland’ at 2020 UK Enterprise Awards

United Kingdom, 2020 – SME News Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards.

If we’ve learned anything over the last few months, it is that the British entrepreneurial spirit is not easily extinguished. Indeed, it has remained resilient, agile and dynamic despite previously inconceivable difficulty. For many – companies young and old – it has been a baptism of fire with some of the worst accelerants imaginable. It was a perfect storm that few – if any – were prepared for. Yet, as we’re seeing now, many have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic on steady legs and ready to face the remainder of the year (and beyond).

Now in its fourth year, the SME UK Enterprise Awards continues to recognise SMEs of all sizes and across the UK who are endeavouring to bettering business in their industries. Whether it’s by nourishing rich internal cultures to promote employee satisfaction, by offering next-level customer service, or through an enduring dedication to innovative products – British SMEs are truly the lifeblood of the country’s economy and business landscape. Ultimately, and without question, they deserve to be recognised as figureheads of change, and drivers of creativity.

Award Coordinator Jessie Wilson discusses the success of this year’s programme: “As always, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to contact those that have been awarded in the SME UK Enterprise programme. I hope you all have a wonderful – and productive- rest of the year ahead.”

SME News prides itself on the validity of its awards and winners. The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors and proving them worthy of recognition.

Brand Satellite is proud to have received the ‘Best SME Branding Company – Scotland’ Award.

Brand Satellite helps Ittria with a brand refresh

During lockdown, Ittria used its time wisely to refresh its brand and launch a new website.

Ittria works with letting agents, helping them with the change of tenancy process, and monetising tenant data.

They are an indispensable source of revenue and free services to letting agents across the UK. They work with the best partners and agents, to provide utilities and broadband to tenants.

Ittria, formerly named Hallmark, is the original change of tenancy company and pioneered many revenue-generating services, such as Profit Guarantee™, tenant utilities and broadband switching, and Void Switching™.

They also offer many time and money-saving free services, such as Tenant Notification Services™, Void Bill Management™, and free comprehensive tenant referencing – with more services coming in 2021.

Back in 2016, Brand Satellite helped the company to rebrand as Ittria, and we were on hand again this year, to guide them through the brand refresh.

The refresh communicates Ittria as the original and pioneering provider of monetising data services, and the new endline ‘Your change of tenancy partner’ consolidates their position as the market leader.

This pioneering attitude is demonstrated with their latest acquisition. Ittria is the only provider in their market that has its own Price Comparison Website.

Brand Satellite was responsible for the naming and branding for Switch-It.

Switch-It website

We also worked alongside Attacat, who developed the new website for Ittria, and wrote the scripts for videos produced by The Film Lab in Canada.

Ittria website

Brand Satellite is also responsible for the new online advertising and direct mail.

Ittria ad

PJ Darling, CEO of Ittria, explains:

“Absolutely love it! This was my immediate reaction to the creative for part of our recent brand refresh. Once again Giles has knocked it out of the park. Starting with unique insights through the brand workshop and ending with some awesome creative he’s shown once again why we continue to work with him after 14 years.”

Brand Satellite becomes a GC Partner with The GC Index

Brand Satellite has become the first Scottish GC Partner to feature on The GC Index® website.

The GC Index is an organimetric that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

The GC Index measures and describes five different ways in which people are inclined to make an impact and contribution.

The GC IndexThe GC Index’s clients are using the Strategist, Game Changer, Play Maker, Implementer & Polisher insights to deliver better decision making and productivity outcomes in 4 key areas:

  • Organising the business to best effect
  • Making the most of people assets
  • Driving impactful change across the business
  • Good to great recruitment decisions

Individuals and businesses benefit from the simplicity of the language and framework centred around the five areas of impact, to show how everyone can make an impact as individuals, in a team and/or as part of an organisation.

The GC Index is certainly not ‘just another psychometric test’. It doesn’t measure an individual’s skills, knowledge, abilities or personality traits. It measures their energy for different roles or tasks within an organisation and identifies how they can make the greatest impact. This information can be used to make important business decisions.

Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Psychologist of The GC Index, explains “It has been fantastic to see so many people energised by The GC Index and wonderful to see the positive impact it is having on both individuals’ lives as well as the business and team performance.”

Andrew Furnham, Professor of Psychology and consultant on the initial research, adds “It is for many an ‘aha’ experience which helps them understand themselves and others.”

Having completed the GC Index himself earlier in the year, Giles became an accredited GCologist and Brand Satellite became a GC Partner. Giles could see how useful this profiling could be to both individuals and organisations.

Giles’ profile describes him as a Strategist/Game Changer.


Giles Etherington - GC Index score


“Being taken through my profile provided me with exactly that ‘aha’ moment Andrew describes,” explains Giles. “It made sense of my career and a lot of the career moves I had made. I instantly saw how useful this information could be and how it could help us provide a better service to our existing clients and potential clients.”

Brand Satellite has added the option of incorporating The GC Index into our Brand Workshop, by creating the Brand Workshop Plus. Understanding where the energy within a business lies and what impact individuals can make will help make sure the brand we create for a business is as accurate, believable and maintainable as possible.

Your brand is the DNA of your business. The GC Index will help us better understand what that DNA is made up of.

Brand creation aside, The GC Index is a great employee engagement tool. With businesses coming out of lockdown, it is more important than ever to engage with staff, understand where their energies lie, and to use that information to allow them to make a greater impact within the business and help them feel like a valued member of the team.

To discuss how your business can use The GC Index to make better business decisions, email

Brand Satellite creates the branding for P4 Technology

Brand Satellite has created a new brand identity for technology start-up P4 Technology.

P4 Technology is leading the fight against Covid-19 by introducing a multi-layered, community-focused solution to virus protection.

During the lockdown, P4 Technology brought together some of the best minds in technology and science. People passionate about creating solutions to keep us safe in the ‘new normal’.

This collaborative approach has resulted in four layers of protection (hence the name P4) for workspaces and indoor venues, enabling the workforce to return to their workplace safely and with confidence.

P1: Infection identification – P4 PURVIEW is a thermal imaging camera that can be placed at an entrance, as the first line of defense. The camera will detect anyone with a high temperature and will alert to anyone not wearing a face covering. The camera can measure up to 30 people per second. It can also count the number of people entering the building, to help comply with occupancy and social distancing guidelines.

P2: Spread Control – P4 C-GATE is a personal sanitising cubicle, which removes the virus from clothing and possessions. It uses a completely safe dry mist that is 99.995% effective.

P3: Air Purification – P4 PURISAIR is an air-cleaning unit that uses electro-foil filtration technology to remove contagious viruses. It also removes bacteria and dust particles. The unit has an air quality monitoring system, giving you real-time air quality data.

P4: Surface Disinfection – P4 DEW is a portable fogging unit that naturally cleans air and surfaces. The mist is derived from water and air and free from alcohol. So it is harmless to humans and surfaces, but destroys micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

Each component has brought together the best of science and technology to provide natural solutions. These contain no harmful chemicals or alcohol so it’s completely safe for adults, children, and animals without damaging the environment.

P4 Technology is currently expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the United Kingdom, providing additional employment and training opportunities across local communities.

The video explaining the technologies was created by Edinburgh-based Dangerous Studio.

Brand Satellite helps Central Scotland Green Network Trust rebrand to Green Action Trust

Brand Satellite has designed the new brand identity for the rebranded Green Action Trust, to support organisation’s aspiration to be at heart of Scotland’s environmental regeneration.
Green Action Trust

Brand Satellite has designed the new brand identity for the rebranded Green Action Trust, to support organisation’s aspiration to be at heart of Scotland’s environmental regeneration.

The new brand is set to strengthen its prominence and reputation for environmental regeneration across Scotland and ensure that it is better placed to work with the Scottish Government, local authorities, businesses and communities to ensure that Scotland’s environmental challenges can be met.

The changeover will see the Green Action Trust continue its mission to drive forward the Central Scotland Green Network Plan, the largest green infrastructure project in Europe, in addition to providing its services and project development capabilities to a growing number of stakeholders.

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of the Green Action Trust, commented:

“Scotland’s climate challenge demands a strategic response. In launching Green Action Trust, formerly Central Scotland Green Network Trust, we plan to play our part in delivering the nation-wide action on environmental regeneration we need.
 “We believe that by refreshing our identity, we are better placed to work with the Scottish Government and its partners to meet the environmental challenges facing Scotland, whilst being more readily identifiable as the lead organisation driving forward the CSGN and supporting the development of NPF4.”
Green Action Trust website
The new identity will be of benefit because it will:
  • provide the Trust with a clear, stand-alone, identity
  • allow the Trust to give greater amplification to the CSGN and its programme of work
  • allow the Trust to grow its reach and impact across Scotland
Keith Geddes, Chairman of the Green Action Trust, commented:
“This is a natural next stage development for our organisation. Having embedded the CSGN as an important element of Scottish Government policy, we are now ready to grow our influence and bring environmental regeneration to many more partners and communities across Scotland. The Board is very grateful for the support of all its stakeholders for supporting this exciting change and refresh to our identity.”
Brand Satellite worked with its strategic communications partners, Message Matters, and its web development and hosting partners, Roslin Design, on new brand identity and website.
Green Action Trust website
Scotland Loves Local

Brand Satellite creates branding for Scotland Loves Local

Brand Satellite has created the branding, website, advertising and social media images for Scotland Loves Local – a national campaign to encourage Scots to shop locally, as we come out of lockdown. Scotland Loves Local

Scotland’s Towns Partnership today (20th July) launches its campaign – in association with the Scottish Government – encouraging everyone to support the businesses which are at the heart of their home communities.

Brand Satellite worked alongside strategic communications partners Message Matters, to create the brand identities for both Scotland’s Town Centre Recovery Campaign and Scotland’s Loves Local.

The campaign follows the publication of new polling figures which showed two-thirds of Scottish residents intended to shop locally once their high streets reopen post-Coronavirus and that the successful future of town centres depends on support at a local level.

Scotland Loves Local will highlight the fact that it’s the people behind the businesses which make our high streets special – not simply the buildings and shop units which are found on them. It also encourages people to show their support safely, following all social distancing and hygiene guidance shared by the Scottish Government as part of the ongoing vigilance to keep rates of Covid-19 suppressed.

It comes at a time when the need to safely and responsibly support town centres has never been greater following the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as the branding, Brand Satellite designed the campaign website (development and hosting by Roslin Design), the creative for press and digital advertising and images for social media. The campaign also includes video and photography by Alan McAteer and a TV advert created by STV Creative.

Scotland Loves Local Website
Scotland Loves Local Facebook

Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell MSP said: “It is now more vitally important than ever to consider shopping, eating and drinking locally as we all have a role to play in Scotland’s economic recovery. Simple steps like choosing to visit a nearby shop or café, or buying goods or services from a business in your own community, helps support jobs and goes a long way to fostering the vibrant selection of products and services on offer close to home.”

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, said: “Scotland Loves Local is all about getting people back to their roots and recognising that our town centre businesses and the people who run them are part of the fabric of our communities. Sometimes for generations these people have been there for us. Now it’s time for us to be there for them. One of the great positives of the terrible times in which we have found ourselves has been the greater appreciation of localism. We must now harness that to keep our communities vibrant and lay firm foundations as we work to ensure our town centres are fit for the future.”

Scotland Loves Local - Courier
Scotland Loves Local - Press and Journal