Castlegate Nursery launch their website

Brand Satellite has created a new website for Castlegate Nursery & Out of School Club.

The new website has an outdoor feel, promoting the nursery’s outdoor learning focus.

As explained on the home page, “We’re passionate about play and believe that play and the natural environment are essential elements of children’s learning and development. At Castlegate we combine these elements and have created a lovely, loving environment for your child to grow in, supported by child-led learning and rich outdoor learning opportunities!”

The website also goes on to explain that the benefits of outdoor play are endless – children can explore, risk take, develop fine and gross motor skills, physically exercise, experiment, expand, change, shout, sing and create! They learn about the world around them through maths, science, literacy, ecology, gardening, the ever-changing seasons and the weather. They can problem solve and enquire, and being outdoors is hugely beneficial to children’s health and the development of their social skills.

A photo and video shoot were done with Lloyd Smithy Photography, to populate the website with images, and video, that illustrate the outdoor ethos.

The website is the next stage of the rebranding of Castlegate, which started last year.

Castlegate Nursery branded merchandiseCastlegate promoted the launch of the website via a Facebook competition, with branded merchandise as prizes.

Facebook comments on the branding and website, from parents of children at the nursery, have been extremely positive:

“All the new branding and website are fabulous!”

“Wow, the new website looks amazing. Our children are very lucky :-)”

“Love the new website.”

The website has been really well received internally as well. “The team is delighted with the website,” explains Christine Hamilton, owner of Castlegate. “They’re chuffed with how it portrays Castlegate.”