Services – Brand Workshop

brand_workshopThis is the starting point for many clients wanting to establish or develop a brand.

A Brand Satellite Brand Workshop will take a strategic look at your business and ascertain where you are, where you want to go and how you might consider doing things to get there.

It will look at several areas of your business, as detailed below, and will establish a compelling brand proposition.

The Brand Workshop consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Market/Competitive Research

We will research your existing competitors to get a better understanding of how you are placed within the market. This research will also provide us with valuable insight for the Brand Workshop.

Phase 2 – Brand Workshop

A whole day should be allocated for the Brand Workshop.

We encourage you to involve anyone in your company that has customer interaction and anyone who may have untapped, but valuable insight into the current processes (partners/suppliers).

Participants should be allowed to speak candidly about the company and how things are done (good or bad). The workshop will be much more productive if everyone feels they can be honest without fear of reprisal.

The workshop will include:

• A brief SWOT analysis of where you are:
– Explore using your strengths to exploit opportunities
– Explore guarding your weaknesses against threats
• Define your unique brand and brand essence
• Define target audiences
• Explore target audience hierarchy
• Explore the best ways of reaching your target audiences
• Discuss the right messages to persuade them
• Stimulate you to think differently about possibilities of other routes to market
• Explore working practices that could make a difference

The Brand Workshop will also provide structured discussion about whether your company should consider changing its name and what language we are going to use to re-position your business.

Phase 3 – Brand Workshop Report

The Brand Workshop Report is a written analysis of the findings of the Brand Workshop. Recommendations for the brand essence of the company (your brand’s true character) and proposals for how to position your business moving forwards.

“Working with Brand Satellite to re-brand our business has been a hugely enlightening experience.

Through the Brand Workshop, Giles has helped us to explore all aspects of our business and we now have a clear brand identity and path for the future.

We have been impressed by Giles’ thorough research into our business, competitors and his knowledge of the local economy. He has a way of pinpointing the important elements and putting them across in a concise and easy to understand manner.”

Toby & Alison WattsTweed Art

“Making the decision to book a Brand Workshop with Giles was definitely a good move prior to going ahead with designs for a new website.

Giles got everyone contributing and thinking about what Get Knotted is all about and by the end of the day it was fascinating to see what emerged from all the discussion.

I really feel clearer about the direction of the business going forward.

Giles is quiet, modest and has an excellent sense of humour and we all felt very relaxed and confident to contribute during the session.

All the ground work achieved from this experience has undoubtedly helped with the way forward.”

Lindsey HunterGet Knotted & Get Talked About