Castlegate Nursery

Brand Satellite rebrands Castlegate Nursery

Following a Brand Workshop, Castlegate Nursery & Out of School Club reveals its new branding.

Castlegate Nursery logo

“My company came to use Giles and Brand Satellite via a recommendation, which was really important to us – I needed to know that we were working with someone who was not only really clued up and had a good reputation, but also someone who appreciated and would work with what I saw as our very lowly starting point in marketing and promoting our business by anything other than word of mouth, despite our existence as a business for 25 years. 
Giles facilitated a Brand Workshop with our staff and a couple of our clients at the end of last year and it was a fascinating and quite heartwarming process – it strengthened our understanding of the real essence of our business, and brought us together as a team and with our clients when Giles helped us understand why we do what we do, and that we all do it for the same reason! 
Giles has provided us with a professional, supportive, and motivating service – following the workshop he produced a detailed report, which is a really important reference point for us whenever we’re thinking of new developments like creating our new website which we’re currently working on with Giles.  It’s full of all the ideas that Giles asked us to share/teased out of us at the workshop, collated and defined into distinct areas, and we know that as we work to implement them we’ll continue to grow our brand, and ultimately grow our business. 
Giles also worked with us to create our own logo which we’ve never had before.  We love that we have a now have a strong image based on our strong brand, all of which we have Giles to thank for.”

Christine Hamilton, Owner, Castlegate Nursery and Out of School Club