Zoom Your Brand

Brand Satellite launches ZOOM YOUR BRAND for businesses working from home during the coronavirus outbreak

Today, Brand Satellite has launched ZOOM YOUR BRAND a brand creation service using video conferencing.

The coronavirus, or COVID19, is causing difficulty in every aspect of our lives. But, as Albert Einstien said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

So, we have taken this opportunity to create ZOOM YOUR BRAND.

ZOOM YOUR BRAND takes our Brand Workshop and adapts it to work via Zoom video conferencing.

Zoom meeting

If you can’t work ‘in’ your business during these difficult times, see it as an opportunity to work ‘on’ your business.

An important part of creating your brand is making the most of your most valuable assets – your people.

By using Zoom, we can get your team involved. It will make them feel valued during this difficult period. It will keep them focused on your business, when there are some many distractions around them. And it will give them confidence in the future – #whenthisisover.

Read more about ZOOM YOUR BRAND here.