Ross Campbell Music

Brand Satellite creates website and new project branding for Ross Campbell Music

Brand Satellite works with Ross Campbell Music to create a new website and branding for his latest project.

Ross Campbell has created many projects in his amazing career. He has worked a songwriter, producer and remixer for many years on many projects in many genres: House, Garage, Hip-Hop, Ambient, RnB, Classical, Drum’n’Bass, Avant-Garde, Electronica, Pop.

Ross has worked with names such as Nightcrawlers, Pitbull, DJ Spinna, Joey Negro, Big Narstie, Guiro featuring Grap Luva, Angela Johnson (Cooly’s Hotbox), Kriminul, Monet, M People, Slam, Apachi Indian and many more.

Ross Campbell Music needed a website to demonstrate Ross’ variety of projects and talents.

But, at our first website meeting, something more pressing than the new website emerged. Ross’ latest project needed a new name. It was to be called Sir Rosco. But, upon further investigation, a similar name had already been taken by a rapper from California.

So, rather than discussing the design and development of the website, the meeting was dominated by a naming brainstorming. The result – MondoRosco.

MondoRoscc - Kompass Strasse album coverMondoRosco fitted the music much better. The first album, Kompass Strasse, was a collection of tunes drawing on a range of influences – Exotica, Lounge, Reggae, Fusion, Prog, Easy Listening, Intelligent DnB, Hip-Hop, Film Music, Kitsch and Chill.

Panic over! New name decided upon. Album cover designed. Attention went back to the website.

We created a very simple website that clearly illustrated Ross’ eclectic career, with each project given its own page with a brief description and the opportunity to listen and buy the music.Ross Campbell Music website