Rosslyn Associates branding

Brand Satellite creates new branding for Rosslyn Associates

Following a Brand Workshop, Brand Satellite has created new branding for accountancy firm Rosslyn Associates.

“I first met Giles when he gave a presentation to the local Chamber of Commerce.
I could tell right away that he was on the same wavelength and was the right person to help us create our brand.
We’d done a lot of work on the business in terms of vision, values etc., but were struggling a bit how to convert that into a brand which we could market and sell.
We worked closely with Giles to determine our core attributes and unique qualities.
We then worked closely to develop a logo, which captured the essence of our business.
In the year or so since our rebranding, our business has grown approximately 30% and we have a more focussed and more rewarding team.
I would highly recommend Giles and Brand Satellite to any growth-oriented business.”

Ian McLeish, Managing Director, 
Rosslyn Associates