Mind & Mission approached us after having just gone through a brand process with another company.

They had their new logo and they had their new key messages. So what did they need us for? Well, with just a couple of months to go until the official launch of their mental health training business, it became clear they weren’t 100% happy with either.

The logo was a fairly easy one to solve. The icon worked well, it was just the font used for the wordmark that needed revisiting. The existing font was making them look more like an NHS service than a private training company. A few hours of font searching and the issue was soon resolved.

Mind & Mission logo

So now, on to the key messaging. There was nothing wrong with their mission statement. It was well written and explained exactly what they wanted to achieve. Their story was sorted too. You believed that they had the qualifications and experience (both personal and professional) to deliver what they were planning to deliver. What was missing was how they were going to go about that. And why a client would buy into it. This was going to take a bit longer than a few hours.

The task was to distil down what they were offering into an easy to understand and easy to buy message. This was why they had approached us.

Far too often, businesses find it really difficult to explain how they do what they do, themselves. They are far too close to it. They are too focused on what they want to say, rather than what their customers want to hear.

This was clear one morning when we had a meeting in the client’s kitchen to compare notes on each other’s thinking. They had attempted to map out their process on the wall of the kitchen. It was like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, on caffeine, had been in the kitchen before me. Everything was in there and everything made sense. The problem was, it was everything!

Fortunately, I had managed to simplify the process a bit more. I had turned everything that was on the wall into a simple four stages.

Stage 1: Evaluate. Mind & Mission start by understanding more about what the client does and how they do it. Learning about the hopes and fears for them, their employees and their organisation.

Stage 2: Design. Based on the results of the evaluation phase, Mind & Mission design a mental health strategy and plan that will focus on bringing the client’s vision to life.

Stage 3: Educate: Mind & Mission’s training programme will build valuable capability, by raising awareness of commonly diagnosed mental health issues, providing practical strategies for responding to mental health concerns and unique solutions to the challenges that are likely to arise.

Stage 4: Nurture. Mind & Mission work with their clients on their transformative journey, to make sure that the impact of change is as minimal as possible.

This four-stage process is E-D-E-N. And what is Eden? A place or state of great happiness; an unspoilt paradise.

And that’s is exactly and concisely what Mind & Mission do. They help their clients create EDEN.

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