Testimonials – Beck Homes

“The creative work for Beck Homes has been incredibly successful and we have sold 22 units at Water’s Edge, Padiham since its launch and nearly £700,000 worth of apartments at Llandudno since its launch 3 weeks ago. Burnley is selling better now than at any time in the last 18 months and Ash Mount Court has now sold out, which considering hadn’t sold anything in last 9 months, is a remarkable turn around.

This is a fantastic testament to the creative work, putting Beck Homes on the map. We have created the brand in record time after the merger of all these disparate companies last December, and we are punching way above our weight.

Quality always shines through in the success of client marketing and the results that fuel the business. Our sales tell the story and that should always be the main indicator of creative ability where there is a direct correlation between advertising and our sales.

Thank you for your work on the Beck Homes brand. It has made a difference and you should be proud of that.”