Think Thainstone Map

Brand Satellite creates Think Thainstone branding for ANM Group

Brand Satellite has created the branding for a new Think Thainstone awareness campaign for Thainstone Mart, part of the ANM Group.

Working with our strategic communications partners, Message Matters, the new campaign coincides with the opening of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route.

The new £1 billion bypass means that Thainstone Mart, one of the UK’s largest agricultural auction markets, is easier to access than ever before – providing a major new selling opportunity for livestock farmers in Angus and Perthshire.

Think Thainstone logo

Thainstone Mart is community-owned and part of Scotland’s most progressive farming, food and finance business. They are people-centred, proudly sharing the proceeds of their success with their members since 1872.

The logo design highlights the N and E of the word Thainstone, to promote the Mart’s north-east Scotland location.