Smart Energy GB exhibition stand

Brand Satellite create game show style exhibition stand for Smart Energy GB

Brand Satellite created the ‘How energy smart are you?’ game show, for an exhibition stand at the Scottish Parliament, for Smart Energy GB.

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand

Smart Energy GB is the campaign for a smarter Britain. It’s task to help everyone in Great Britain understand smart meters, the national roll-out and how to use their new meters to be cleaner and greener with their energy use.

The purpose of the exhibition at the Scottish Parliament was to raise awareness of their campaign amongst MSPs. If everyone in Scotland got a smart meter, the impact on our energy use and the climate could be huge.

MSPs were invited to play the interactive game show, which tested their knowledge about the benefits of smart meters.

Over 25 MSPs took part in the event, which brought out their fun and competitive sides.

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand

Smart Energy GB exhibition stand

Brand Satellite designed the exhibition graphics and produced and built the stand.

Tombolo St Ninian's Isle

Shetland beach inspires company name

Brand Satellite have created the brand, name and branding for an environmental start-up.

The client used Brand Satellite’s Brands Start Here service, which was set up to provide 1-2-1 brand creation and branding packages for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Our initial meeting was an interesting one. The client had clearly spent a lot of time and effort getting to where he had got to, and my suggestion to revisit the name and direction of the business could have been the end of our relationship.

Fortunately, they went ahead with the 1-2-1 brand creation package and fully engaged with the process. The slight change direction in where the business was going, gave them renewed confidence and enthusiasm.

Together, we worked on new names for the business. One of the names we settled on – Tombolo – was inspired by the tombolo (two-sided beach) on St Ninian’s Isle in the Shetland Islands, where the client had grown up. It was seeing the waste washing up on the beaches of the Shetland Islands, that gave them the drive to start the business.

“Through a recommendation, I met with Giles to discuss creating a brand for our company.

During our initial meeting, I was immediately impressed with his honesty in which direction he could see our company going. Some of it I didn’t want to hear but he was so right!

From there on I knew with Giles I had the right person on board to help us.

We went for the brand creation and branding packages. The whole process was huge learning process from start to finish.

I was made to think about aspects of my business I hadn’t before considered. Every stage was well explained and made perfect sense.

What we have now is a brand that really represents what we want to do going forward. A name change with two related companies Tombolo and No Thro instead of one.

And two logos which look fantastic and well thought out designs.

We now have clear plan going forward with our eCommerce store and our products and services.

Giles is an expert in his field and we feel lucky to have him as an advisor and will be using Brand Satellite for all our services and product branding going forward.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Brand Satellite and Giles continues to go out of his way to help us with introductions and networking and general advice when we need it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any company with any of the long list of services he provides.”

David Gibson – Tombolo / No Thro

The brand creation process had also identified that there were two parts to the business.

Tombolo will become the vehicle for the services and products they are going to create and manufacture themselves.Tombolo

And, No Thro will be the eCommerce site that sells Tombolo products, as well as other products that help combat the single-use, throw away culture that is responsible for the environmental crisis our planet now faces.No Thro

So, we created branding for both parts of the business.

The ‘t’ icon is also designed to look like someone putting their hand up, to represent the philosophy behind the business. If everyone put their hand up and volunteered to do their bit, then the problem will start to be solved.Tombolo - Hands Up

We also created a colour palette for the business – based on the tombolo – using grass, stone, sea, sand and sky as the inspiration behind the colours.Tombolo - Colour palette

The client is now working on the prototype of their first product – a reusable nappy wipes kit. This was inspired by the couple’s new baby and realising just how much stuff they were not only buying, but then throwing away. Tombolo - Wipes box