Brand Satellite creates branding for the Caledonian Axe Company

Brand Satellite has created the branding for a new Scottish based axe company.

Caledonian Axe Co brandingThe Caledonian Axe Company offers a range of hand forged hatchets and axes that bring together the finest materials, craftmanship and design to create something very special. Purposeful, colourful, creative, and inspired by what we see every day, each of their products represents what is loved about the axe.

Caledonian Axe Co websiteBrand Satellite created the new brand identity, a secondary complementary logo and the colour palette for the painted handles.

Caledonian Axe Co painted axes

Caledonian Axe Co.

“We went through a lot of different tree shapes and styles. The client, who was very involved in the process, kept finding stock images of tree graphics that he was keen on. But, it was important to us that they owned their own tree.”

Giles Etherington, Brand Satellite

Caledonian Axe Co tree explanationThe final tree shape was inspired by the axe head. The shape of the branches reflected the blade and the shape of the tree (and the ends of the ‘C’) also reflected the curve of the blade.  

Brand Satellite creates new branding for Scotland’s Improvement Districts

In collaboration with our strategic communications partners, Message Matters, and website development partners, Roslin Design, Brand Satellite have designed new branding and a new website for Scotland’s Improvement Districts.

Scotland's Improvement Districts websiteToday sees the launch of Scotland’s Improvement Districts (SIDs), the new national centre for Improvement Districts in Scotland. It’s a vital new initiative from Scotland’s Towns Partnership that will support the operation and growth of the network of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) across the country.

Crucially, though, this is not just about local initiatives – though they are absolutely vital – this is also about the cumulative impact that these innovative and creative local initiatives can have on the inclusive growth agenda for the country.

Over the summer, Scotland’s Towns Partnership have been working hard with BID managers and directors, as well other stakeholders, from across the country to understand what they need from their national centre to support their work, and encourage their future success. They have been understanding what has worked well in the past, and what can work better in the future, and reimagining the support systems that will be put in place to ensure even greater success.

The new model will be a more innovative, flexible and holistic approach, which leverages greater corporate-community-public partnerships, to deliver the ambitions of local businesses and communities. After all, local businesses and local people are best placed to understand the needs of their local economy.