Ross Campbell Music

Brand Satellite creates website and new project branding for Ross Campbell Music

Brand Satellite works with Ross Campbell Music to create a new website and branding for his latest project.

Ross Campbell has created many projects in his amazing career. He has worked a songwriter, producer and remixer for many years on many projects in many genres: House, Garage, Hip-Hop, Ambient, RnB, Classical, Drum’n’Bass, Avant-Garde, Electronica, Pop.

Ross has worked with names such as Nightcrawlers, Pitbull, DJ Spinna, Joey Negro, Big Narstie, Guiro featuring Grap Luva, Angela Johnson (Cooly’s Hotbox), Kriminul, Monet, M People, Slam, Apachi Indian and many more.

Ross Campbell Music needed a website to demonstrate Ross’ variety of projects and talents.

But, at our first website meeting, something more pressing than the new website emerged. Ross’ latest project needed a new name. It was to be called Sir Rosco. But, upon further investigation, a similar name had already been taken by a rapper from California.

So, rather than discussing the design and development of the website, the meeting was dominated by a naming brainstorming. The result – MondoRosco.

MondoRoscc - Kompass Strasse album coverMondoRosco fitted the music much better. The first album, Kompass Strasse, was a collection of tunes drawing on a range of influences – Exotica, Lounge, Reggae, Fusion, Prog, Easy Listening, Intelligent DnB, Hip-Hop, Film Music, Kitsch and Chill.

Panic over! New name decided upon. Album cover designed. Attention went back to the website.

We created a very simple website that clearly illustrated Ross’ eclectic career, with each project given its own page with a brief description and the opportunity to listen and buy the music.Ross Campbell Music website

Brand Satellite re-energises EVA Scotland’s branding

Working with our strategic communications partners, Message Matters, Brand Satellite has rebranded the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland to EVA Scotland.

EVA Scotland sEVA Scotland - Brandingtarted life in 2009, as a group of individuals who had switched to electric vehicles and now aims to be the voice of the electric vehicle (EV) movement all over Scotland, supporting the electrification of all forms of transport.

EVA Scotland's brandingEVA Scotland’s aims are:

  • To represent the interests of EV users in Scotland and offer them the benefits of membership of EVA Scotland
  • To promote the benefits of EVs to non-EV users and influence widespread adoption
  • To be the public voice of EVs on all issues of ownership, driving, and infrastructure with stakeholders, the media, in politics, and with all levels of government, during the phasing out of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in Scotland by 2032 and beyond.

With both the UK Government (by 2040) and the Scottish Government (by 2032) committed to phasing out the use of petrol and, in particular, diesel vehicles, EVA Scotland will become an important contributor electrification process.

As part of EVA Scotland’s branding, Brand Satellite created a new logo and produced a membership pack, both of which were revealed at EVA Scotland’s AGM in March.

EVA Scotland's branding“The Electric Vehicle Association Scotland approached Giles at Brand Satellite in order to create a new brand identity for the Association together with new educational, promotional and service materials. The resulting transformation into EVA Scotland unveiled at our recent annual general meeting has been a great success and our members are delighted with the results.”

Alister Hamilton, Chair of EVA Scotland.

House of Hearing advertising

House of Hearing reveal the latest instalment of their #Misheard advertising campaign

House of Hearing, Scotland’s premier independent dispenser of hearing aids and audiological services, has unveiled the latest additions to their long-running #Misheard advertising campaign.

House of Hearing advertising

The campaign, using amusing and eye-catching images which occur as a result of someone mishearing something, was originally launched in 2010. It has been used sporadically ever since, with the latest series of adverts continuing the popularity of the theme.

House of Hearing advertising

The campaign was originally conceived by Giles Etherington at his previous agency. But, he teamed up with the client and incumbent agency again to create the new concepts.

House of Hearing advertising

There are 8 new ads which will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

Concept and creative: Brand Satellite
Photography: Lee Howell Photography
Account & Media Management: Roar Advertising & Design