Rosslyn Associates branding

Brand Satellite creates new branding for Rosslyn Associates

Following a Brand Workshop, Brand Satellite has created new branding for accountancy firm Rosslyn Associates.

“I first met Giles when he gave a presentation to the local Chamber of Commerce.
I could tell right away that he was on the same wavelength and was the right person to help us create our brand.
We’d done a lot of work on the business in terms of vision, values etc., but were struggling a bit how to convert that into a brand which we could market and sell.
We worked closely with Giles to determine our core attributes and unique qualities.
We then worked closely to develop a logo, which captured the essence of our business.
In the year or so since our rebranding, our business has grown approximately 30% and we have a more focussed and more rewarding team.
I would highly recommend Giles and Brand Satellite to any growth-oriented business.”

Ian McLeish, Managing Director, 
Rosslyn Associates


Brands Start Here branded pens

Brands Start Here to launch at ExCel London

Brands Start HereBrand Satellite are launching a new service: BRANDS START HERE, which will be offering 1-2-1 brand advice to start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

BRANDS START HERE officially launches at the 37th Business Start Up Show at ExCel London on 17th/18th May.

We have created BRANDS START HERE because, we believe, no-one is offering 1-2-1 brand advice to start-ups.

If you type ‘brand advice for start-ups’ into Google, you get a few generic articles, but most results replace the word ‘brand’ with ‘branding’.

Your business’  brand and your branding are two very different things. Your brand is the nature and personality of your business, while your branding is the way it looks on the outside.

It stands to reason that unless you define and create your brand first, you cannot get your branding to work as it should.

For more information about the difference between your brand and your branding, read the BRAND v BRANDING article.

So while BRANDS START HERE are experienced and cost-effective at Stage 2 of the process (BRANDING PACKAGE), unlike other agencies assisting start-ups, we will work with you to create your brand first, so what follows makes sense.

Our Stage 1: 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE is all about getting you to think about your business as a brand.

Put simply, your ‘brand’ is what your target market (your customers) think of when they hear your name or see your branding. It is everything they know about you – from what you have told them, what others have told them about you and from what they have witnessed themselves.

Your brand is created from the experiences your customers have with your business. These are a combination of both rational and emotional experiences. We are all human beings and however hard we try to be rational, we make decisions using the emotional part of our brain.

The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE is about taking control of the experiences you can influence. Determining what you stand for, what makes you different and, most importantly, understanding your target audience; what makes you relevant to them and how you tell them that story.

Thinking like a brand can differentiate your business from your competitors and drive customer loyalty. And customers who have bought into your brand will ultimately become advocates for your brand.