start-ups or startups?

Start-ups or startups? Should your communications be grammatically correct or findable?

I recently spent an evening changing every ‘start-ups’ to…
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20 tips to help you create an All-Star LinkedIn profile

I have been preparing my LinkedIn profile in readiness to use…
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The people make the brand: The John Lewis interview

When the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce put on one of their Premier…
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Brand v Branding

Do you know the difference between your brand and your branding? If…
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How to blog

An interesting infographic about how to blog, courtesy of First…

What does Google consider a high quality site?

Google’s aim is to help searchers find the most relevant site…

Is your company's image giving customers the right impression?

The new year is a great time to think about your business' brand. Are…

The Star Wars films that nearly got made

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting cinema screens later…
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Communicating the 'Why'

“People don’t buy what you do: they buy WHY you do it.”…
Scottish referendum

Forget Scotland decides, I can't decide!

Should Scotland be an independent country? Why is such a simple…